Homeless Not Hopeless

Brandon Gill, 19, ran away from home at age 13 to escape an abusive father. He headed to the Midwest with his backpack and guitar, traveling around Missouri before ending up in Wilmington, N.C. in 2008. Although he wants to get off the streets, Brandon is on probation and struggles to find traditional work. Instead, he embraces his passion for music and performs for passersby on Front Street in Downtown Wilmington, using the tips to supplement any labor jobs he can find.

From his appearance, you would struggle to come to the conclusion that he is homeless, and he prides himself in that. Brandon will set aside money to always have a razor and deodorant, and he sees good hygiene as a way make people more comfortable with him and bettering his chances of finding a way off of the streets, a transition he hopes to make sooner than later.

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